What If…

There’s A Solution for ‘What’s Next?’

  • America could reverse the decline in new business formations we’ve experienced for almost a decade.
  • More businesses and business models were deemed ‘fundable’ than currently attract venture or angel capital.
  • New jobs could be created for the millions now fearful of their financial futures.
  • Startups all over the country didn’t have to spend so much time chasing the capital they need to start companies, hire colleagues, and pursue their visions.
  • Investors could support the entrepreneurial communities they cared about while also getting a compelling risk-adjusted, after-tax return.
  • Community Foundations, Donor Advised Funds, Family Foundations and Impact investors could support communities and entrepreneurial causes they cared about while still maintaining institutional rigor and fiduciary practices.
  • Cities, states, and even the Federal Government could direct equity risk capital to startups in a manner that leverages the lessons learned from the PPP program — which deployed $350B in 10 days! — while also optimizing on proper risk-management practices.



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Joe Milam

Multi-family office originally at 3000 Sand Hill, mid-wife to Band of Angels, now looking to mobilize ‘legacy angels’ into the ecosystem.