What If…

Joe Milam
2 min readApr 22, 2020

There’s A Solution for ‘What’s Next?’

What if there was a way to make sure our economy doesn’t go through this again — that there was a better way to fund and support the most critical component of our economic immune system — the entrepreneur.

What if…

  • America could reverse the decline in new business formations we’ve experienced for almost a decade.
  • More businesses and business models were deemed ‘fundable’ than currently attract venture or angel capital.
  • New jobs could be created for the millions now fearful of their financial futures.
  • Startups all over the country didn’t have to spend so much time chasing the capital they need to start companies, hire colleagues, and pursue their visions.
  • Investors could support the entrepreneurial communities they cared about while also getting a compelling risk-adjusted, after-tax return.
  • Community Foundations, Donor Advised Funds, Family Foundations and Impact investors could support communities and entrepreneurial causes they cared about while still maintaining institutional rigor and fiduciary practices.
  • Cities, states, and even the Federal Government could direct equity risk capital to startups in a manner that leverages the lessons learned from the PPP program — which deployed $350B in 10 days! — while also optimizing on proper risk-management practices.

What if all this were possible today, giving hope to the entrepreneurs and their investors across the country that more capital was on the horizon?

What if the strategy, tools & tactics were available — for free — for anyone wanting to be part of the solution for their own entrepreneurial community?

We don’t need to think ‘what if’, but rather ‘what is’.

This future is available.

The strategy, tools & tactics are available now— for free.

The entrepreneurs are doing their part, taking the risk, pursuing their visions, following the slings and arrows of The Hero’s Journey.

What is stopping you from doing your part?

What if you could also be a hero?



Joe Milam

Multi-family office originally at 3000 Sand Hill, mid-wife to Band of Angels, now looking to mobilize ‘legacy angels’ into the ecosystem.