One 'infrastructure' you overlooked is the need to innovate on the very manner we support entrepreneurial experimentation. The 'GP-drive' venture funding model is outdated given the expansion and acceleration of innovation blossoming from all corners of the world. Those Campbell-esque 'heroes' willing to take the initiative to step off into the unknown need more efficient access to the resources they need to support their journey'. Their simple willingness to step off IS the act of heroism and should be constrained by their business model, their location, their gender, ethnicity, etc.




We hope that this message finds you enjoying the holiday season. If you would, we’d love for you to join us in song:

On the twelfth day of venture, my VC gave to me . . .

Twelve partners ‘um-ing’

Eleven LPs griping

Ten files for keeping

Nine EAs prancing

Eight aids for bilking,

Seven interns grinning

Six cliche’ sayings


Four worn-out Birds

Three swag pens

Two emoji loves

and a term sheet with attached fees

Happy holidays! We’re looking forward to a brighter 2021.

- The AngelSpan Team



Joe Milam

Joe Milam


Multi-family office originally at 3000 Sand Hill, mid-wife to Band of Angels, now looking to mobilize ‘legacy angels’ into the ecosystem.